• Argo Poultry Mix Complete 5kg TRIAL SIZE

About Argo
Argo Own Brand Poultry Feeds are totally drug free. No artificial yolk pigmentors or growth promoters are used, providing diets which enhance bird’s health, and help produce eggs with natural strong yolk colour.

Argo Poultry Mix Complete
A unique blend of Layer Pellets, wheat, maize, oyster shell, flaked cereals. Ideal for the owner with small numbers of poultry to provide a complete diet. Argo Poultry Mix Complete will help to keep your chickens fit and healthy; the mix contains essential nutrients including protein, vitamins and minerals which are extremely important when it comes to maintaining good health and well-being. This nutritious corn can help to keep your chickens nice and healthy which means they will produce healthier, better tasting eggs on a regular basis.

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Argo Poultry Mix Complete 5kg TRIAL SIZE

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